Artsfest ‘17 Artist Booths

Great shopping in over 165 Artist Booths - inside and outside!

         In the Murray Arts Building - Around the Tent Circle - Down the Wooded Path

Jewelry - Ceramics - Painting - Wood - Glass - Sculpture
Metal - Photography-  Watercolor - Fiber & More!


Location Booth Artist Name Last Medium 
Indoor   Color & Light Society   ORGANIZATION
Indoor   Susan Wechsler Ceramic
Indoor   Diana Contine Jewelry
Indoor   Michael Heilman Fiber
Indoor   Julie Byrne Drawing
Indoor   Rosemary Flood Ceramic
Indoor   Ken Conger Photography
Indoor   Devin Mack Metal
Indoor   Sid Branham Painting
Indoor   Natalia Melcer Fiber
Indoor   Ray Bogle Ceramic
Indoor   Deolinda Moro Jewelry
Indoor   Phyllis Handal Ceramic
Indoor   Linda Doucette Fiber
Indoor   Helen Hosking Jewelry
Indoor   Karen Caldwell Glass
Indoor   Myra Copus Painting
Indoor   Tom Chavanne Jewelry
Path 1 Barbara Ferrante Fiber
Path 2 Tom  Yates Wood
Path 3 Lisa Fairbank Glass
Path 4 Bevolin Ashley Ceramic
Path 9 Mint Schlief Jewelry
Path 14 Rebecca Burrell Jewelry
Path 15 Jonathan Nordstrom Mixed Media
Path 16 Lori Swick Photography
Path 17 Calvert Quilt Guild   ORGANIZATION
Path 20 Iris  Grundler Ceramic
Path 21 Josie Bailey Fiber
Path 23 Theresita Eltz Ceramic
Path 24 Marcelle Fozard Fiber
Path 25 Jeffrey Oh Wood
Path 30 Garnette Hines Sculpture
Path 31 Jennifer Davies-Reazor Ceramic
Path 33 Sarah Dressler Mixed Media
Path 34 Justine Godfrey Drawing
Path 35 John Styer Wood
Path 37 Nicole Dean Jewelry
Path 38 Kristen/Cameron Quirk/Bach Ceramic
Path 39 Seth Fenton Wood
Path 40 Linda O'Brien Fiber
Path 42 Jimmy Mann Mixed Media
Path 43 Tyler DeCourt Painting
Path 44 Jason Dunning Drawing
Path 45 Scott Geib Mixed Media
Path 46 Maribeth Boeke Ganzell Other
Path 48 Hoda Khouri Jewelry
Path 51 Cinda Haas Painting
Path 55 Rodney Erickson Leather
Path 57 Nevan & Douglas Wise Ceramic
Path 59 Earl Jones Jewelry
Path 62 Diane Kline Other
Path 63 Cora Kline Other
Path 64 New Direction Community Theather ORGANIZATION
Path 66 John Kingscott Wood
Path 67 Maria Campagna Ceramic
Path 69 Rachael Platt Ceramic
Path 70 Cathy Kinzie Fiber
Path 71 Jerry Friday Wood
Path 72 MaryBeth Goosman Glass
Path 73 Barclay McCauley Other
Path 74 Jen Athanas Fiber
Path 76 Cissy Langley Drawing
Path 78 Amanda Willis Ceramic
Path 79 Sara Park Jewelry
Path 80 Aisha Shabazz-Morris Jewelry
Path 82 Kenneth Morris Fiber
Path 85 Ed Rupard Sculpture
Path 92 Cori Meloney Fiber
Path 93 Susan Gladstone Ceramic
Path 96 Nicholas Parr Wood
Path 98 Lori Linthicum Ceramic
Path 99 Arnika Eskeland Fiber
Path 101 Anastasia Bodagovskaya Painting
Path 102 Linda Jacobson Sculpture
Path 104 Joanne Yates Other
Path 105 Elaine Ozol Ceramic
Path 107 Bill Carl Mixed Media
Tent 1 Mary Lou Troutman Painting
Tent 2 Mark/Denise Smith/Breitburg Ceramic
Tent 3 Michael Greenwald Jewelry
Tent 4 Michelle Arsenault Mixed Media
Tent 5 Keith Harancher Photography
Tent 6 Martin Owino Fiber
Tent 7 Ramona Maziarz Other
Tent 8 Karen Buster Printmaking
Tent 9 Celeste Kelly Glass
Tent 10 Jim Doussard Sculpture
Tent 11 Jeanne Hammett Printmaking
Tent 12 Sandra Webberking Sculpture
Tent 13 Marjorie Samero Mixed Media
Tent 14 Fay Steele Watercolor
Tent 15 Dennis Christie Glass
Tent 16 Sherri Odegaarden Fiber
Tent 17 Jennifer DeMarco Jewelry
Tent 18 Scott Strong Digital
Tent 19 Shoshana Matthews Fiber
Tent 20 Eve Greiner Mixed Media
Tent 21 Brett Hay Glass
Tent 22 Paul Grecian Photography
Tent 23 Mary Sue Joy Fiber
Tent 24 Tricia Hall Jewelry
Tent 25 Aileen Horn Fiber
Tent 26 Deborah Bowe Mixed Media
Tent 27 Sheila Rosa Glass
Tent 28 Sarah Houde Ceramic
Tent 29 Suzanne Fideli-Krongold Jewelry
Tent 30 Rob Seltzer Furniture
Tent 31 Lee Foran Other
Tent 32 Patricia Tolton Ceramic
Tent 33 Wendy Garver Jewelry
Tent 34 Shirley Gromen Ceramic
Tent 35 Julie O'Brien Glass
Tent 36 Richard Aldorasi Fiber
Tent 37 Joanne Tew Mixed Media
Tent 38 Eugine Smith Painting
Tent 39 Parran Collery Ceramic
Tent 40 Ronda Borberg-Shulenburg Ceramic
Tent 41 Suzanne  Shelden Painting
Tent 42 Mary Blumberg Painting
Tent 43 Michael Tomassoni Drawing
Tent 44 Terry Quinn Photography
Tent 45 Lisa Tettimer Other
Tent 46 John Obolewicz Painting
Tent 47 Jen Poteet Painting
Tent 48 Karie Anderson Photography
Tent 49 Eric Jackson Fiber
Tent 50 Lester Bailey Ceramic
Tent 51 Ann Marie Solomon Painting
Tent 52 Leza Hepler Glass
Tent 53 Austin Titus Jewelry
Tent 54 Tonya Butcher Fiber
Tent 55 Michael Quattrociocchi Wood
Tent 56 J.R. Ledman Wood
Tent 57 Jose Farinango Jewelry
Tent 58 Cindy Blackburn Jewelry
Tent 60 Constance Guerra Painting
Tent 61 Heather Maertens Jewelry
Tent 62 Molly Sims Painting
Tent 63 Nolly Gelsinger Jewelry
Tent 64 Rita Cutler Glass
Tent 65 David Zippi Painting
Tent 66 Michael Dennis Mixed Media
Tent 67 Carlos Zepeda Jewelry
Tent 68 Ron Stinson Sculpture
Tent 69 Larry Ringgold Sculpture
Tent 70 Rick Clement Sculpture
Tent 71 Jeffrey Nelson Wood
Tent 72 Daniel Nie Painting
Tent 73 Shirley Kirby Jewelry
Tent 74 Alicia Buckler-White Jewelry
Tent 75 Deborah Richardson Glass
Tent 76 John Cooley Ceramic
Tent 77 Steven Whorl Glass
Tent 78 Sherry Sonntag-Whorl Glass
Tent 79 Russ Turnage Ceramic
Tent 80 Betty Seifert Fiber
Tent 81 Terry Lo Fiber
Tent 82 William Phillips Sculpture
Tent 83 Andrea Binetti Jewelry
Tent 84 Keith Shamberger Ceramic
Tent 85 Chris Waters Wood
Tent 86 Stephen Fabrico Ceramic
Tent 87 Michelle/Wayne Chang/Gao Mixed Media
Tent 88 Jen Brower Jewelry
Tent 93 John Cheer Ceramic











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