We're Celebrating

We’ve had an amazing year full of programs, exhibits, events and creativity; and it’s time to celebrate! We are thankful for our incredible staff, volunteers, members, and guests who help make every day special at Annmarie. Annmarie Garden is an exceptional place where visitors of all ages enjoy creative arts programs, the outdoors, annual festivals, and unique exhibits. Your support means you are a big part of what we do.


Our Mission

Annmarie is committed to connecting people to art and nature. Through a wide variety of engaging exhibits, programs, classes, public projects, and annual events, Annmarie opens up opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and reflection. By providing opportunities for visitors to experience and engage in imaginative activities, Annmarie seeks to nurture the human spirit and contribute to a healthy society.


Your Support Means So Much

During this special time of year, as you think about charitable giving, we hope you consider a gift to Annmarie Garden. Your contribution means you are a part of our success! Together, let’s continue to influence, inspire and make a difference in people’s lives!



A charitable contribution can be made in two ways:

1) Download a donation form


2) Donate Online


On behalf of the board of Ann's Circle, Inc., and the entire Annmarie community, thank you for your support!

- Richard B. Fleming, President and  Laurie Uherek, Treasurer, Ann's Circle, Inc.







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