Ways to Support the artLAB:



If you have materials that you think could become supplies for the artLAB, please contact us to have your donation approved.  Click here to review a list of potential donations.  Call 410-326-4640 or email artlab@annmariegarden.org to have your donation approved.  Sorry, but we cannot accept the delivery of unapproved donations


The artLAB needs volunteers to assist guests, help clean and process donations, organize supplies, develop new projects, and pick up donations.  If any of these jobs sounds fun, please contact Ann Preston, Volunteer Coordinator at 410-326-4640 or volunteers@annmariegarden.org 


Would you like to become an artLAB partner or sponsor?  Your support may be tax-deductible.  Call 410-326-4640 or director@annmariegarden.org to inquire.    


The artLAB has benefited form the generosity of Southern Maryland businesses, including construction and electrical contractors.  If you have a service that you would be willing to donate, please call 410-326-4640 or email director@annmariegarden.org.  


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