Apr 5 2019 - Jun 2 2019

April 5 - June 2, 2019

Contributing Artist(s): 
Eleanor Knight-Robert, Kristain Smith, Kamden & Korynn Johnson, Jakii Easton, Noel Christain, Kirdesia, Charle & Sallie McGuire, Matt, Jasmine, Cameron, Payton Novotny, Scott, Jamie, Destiny, Scottie, Bella Christensen, Charles, Kita, Harley & James McGuire, Violet Crowell, Caitlin Crowell, Jackson Crowell, Caitlin Crowell, Evelyn Rapp & Carol Wade, Thomas, Hannah, Vivienne, Alison, Amari, Aryana, Stella, Donovan, Bastion, Erryn, Lisa, Ken, Jenn, Hannah & Olive Fleming, Thomas Fleming, Carol Harvat, Kyleigh Welch, Crissy Welch, Layla Sams, Jessica Commodore, Jalaysia Commodore, Zi Commodore, Mackenzie Eiben, Colton Eiben, Kalina Lockhart, Claudia Harrigan, Sofia Harrigan, Liliana Harrigan, Olivia Stevens, Ted Stevens, Colette Browning, Matthew Browning, Jocelyn Browning, Fiona Rose Peterson Delaney, Laura Delaney, Crystal Reed, Lana Tuschmann, Linda Tuschmann, Mary Del Bianco, Nadia Greiner, Mina Grenier, Alayna, Kaylee & Nicolette, Cayleigh, Kali, Leah, Annabelle, Chloe, Esther, Quinn, Lucy Swann, Brianna Mullaney, Rory Quinn, Noelani Akana, Keira Colgrove, Riley Butler, Hayden Arthur, Josie Duff, Katie Roger, Amelia Roger, Dylan Vorheis, Alexandra Mooney, Colette DeNinno-Monney, Fiona Mooney, Bay Montessori School, Kylie Elmore, Colin Elmore, Keillee Clark, Charlotte Campbell, Drea Atlas, Lacey Floyd, Dakota Dill, Sandra Easton, Kristian Smith, Melissa Keith, Jon Keith, Sherry Crowe, Naimah Coogan, Sara Robertson, Elizabeth Hayden, Charlie Hayden, Henry Hayden, Sarah Lundie, Annika Thomsen, Maddie Stillwagon, Stephanie Thomsen, Gabrielle Burnett, Frankie, Bella, Shilo, Honour, Angelica Nameth, Chuck Nameth, Max Nameth, Jill Nielson, Drew Nielson, Lizzie Nielson, Lainey Nielson, Ellie Nielson, Emmaline Nielson, Ben Peters, Bob Peters, Jackie Peters, Nicolette Peters, Victoria Graeme, Beth Graeme, Jacob Jackson, Lucas Jackson, Kylie Jackson, Abby Gibbons, Briley Gibbons, Leilei & Ari, William & Nancy Riddell, Isabelle & Chloe Riddell, Marc & Rebecca Briere, Maya Nickle, Ruby Friess, Kade Brown, Kevin Brown, Taryn Brown, Enya Calo, Carter Peppin
Apr 26 2019 - Sep 22 2019


April 26 - September 22, 2019
Kay Daugherty Gallery

Annmarie After Hours Opening - Friday, April 26, 5-8pm

Contributing Artist(s): 
Julie Allinson, Brandin Baron, Marie Bergstedt, Janet Paxson Birman, Leslie Blackmon, Joanne Brings Thunder, Issac Brynjegard-Bialik, Sermin Ciddi, Erika Cleveland, Candy Cummings, Mary DeMarco-Logue, Julie Dzikiewicz, Angelina Elise, Alyson Annette Eshelman, Andrew Flanders, Brenda Foehrkolb, Claire D. Foster, Marcelle Fozard, Adiante Franzoon, Gemma Frost, Katie Giganti, Michael Haynes, Sabine Heinlein, Kristin Helberg, Jan B. Johnson, Jean M. Judd, Jim Kopp, Allison Kotzig, Robert Kyle, Carrie Lee, Helen Lewis, Pamela A. MacGregor, Jane Mann, Sharon Pierce McCullough, Marcella Morgese, Karen Musgrave, Jerome Harris Parmet, Anna Pasqualucci, Linda Popp, Cheryl Prisco, Tokeya Waci U Richardson, Ed Rupard, Brodie Sanchez, Jillian Schlake-Toson, Mary Shelley, Margie Smeller, Debbie Smith, Kathy Stoner, Pinkie M. Strother, Ronda Szymanski, Doerte Weber, Ashley Willey, Jerry Williams
Mar 8 2019 - Apr 22 2019

Annmarie's Salon de Refuses:  A Last Chance Show & Sale

Annmarie Garden is closed to the public for event clean-up.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Annmmarie Garden is closed to the public for event clean-up.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  

Opening Reception - RISE UP! Teen Art Exhibit
Friday, February 15, 5-8pm; FREE

Valentine Maker's Market

Saturday, February 2, 9:00am-2:00pm; FREE

Jan 15 2019 - 10:00am - Jan 27 2019 - 5:00pm

Childhood Memories is a depiction of  African-American culture in 1950s-60s Calvert County, Maryland.  Consisting of paintings, drawings and sculptural dioramas and figurines, artist Pinkie Strother celebrates the rural landscape and rich, vibrant community that shaped her life. Her work celebrates the spiritual foundation and family values of the time. 

Contributing Artist(s): 
Pinkie Strothers

Annmarie Garden will be CLOSED January 2 through January 6.  We will re-open to the public on Monday, January 7th.  Happy New Year!

Annmarie Garden will be CLOSED January 2 through January 6.  We will re-open to the public on Monday, January 7th.  Happy New Year!

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