Virtual Bad Art Night:  Socially-Awkward Edition
Thursday, April 9, 6:30-8:30pm


Jun 12 2020 - Aug 30 2020


Contributing Artist(s): 
Gloria Adams, Pamela Adkins, Zoe Balderson, Brandin Barón, Collin Blackmore, Barbara Boward, Jenny Brown, Elizabeth Butler, Maria-Victoria Checa, Rachel Collins, Lydia Congiu, Amy Coull, Jaynie Crimmins, Nicole Esposito, Evin Felix, Gina Garding, Beverly Gardner, Priscilla George, Nico Gozal, David Gregory, Iris Hall-Willey, Vickie Hayes, Victoria Hurst, Sarah Jacobs, Don James, Gayle Kassal, Judy Klich, Bart Levy, Andrea Limauro, Kiara Machado, Sarah Magida, Gail Marchetti, Mandy Martin, Jessica McKinney-Land, Donna Miskend, Susan Moskow, Barb Mowery, Doris Ogg, Ann Preston, Regina Quinn, Michelle Rial, Amanda Schofield, Jill Smithson, Christopher Spinelli, Stefanie Stark, Nicole Stewart, Tanzanight, David Thompson, Sandra Lett, Anne-Steuart Vaughan, Carol Wade, Deborah Walmer, Cat Willett, Mary Kathryn Holden Woodward, Anna Yakubovskaya

New for 2020! Socially distant outdoor event!



THIS EVENT IS A GO!  We are approved to proceed!  See you on July 4th, 9am-2pm for great shopping!



Due to the COVID-19 mandatory closures, this event has been CANCELLED.  New dates to be announced soon. Stay safe!


Apr 8 2020 - 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Members Fee: 
Non-Members Fee: 

HOORAY!  The April 8th gathering is a go! 

To join the online lunch, email to get the Zoom link.