Apr 30 2016 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm
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Saturday, April 30, 2016   1 - 4pm   


 Presented by the Calvert County Citizen's Green Team

A message from the Green Team . . .

For 2016, the Green Team is trying something new!  In lieu of our annual Calvert Green Expo & Craft Fair, we will present a new event, Calvert Green Living, featuring a variety of engaging and information workshops and demonstrations covering a wide variety of green living options.  Food and drink will be served. 

FEATURING: Rain Barrel Workshop and Demonstration 
Participants will have the opportunity to pre-purchase rain barrels and learn the technique for later installation at home.  Workshops are 45-60 minutes in length.  Pre-registration Recommended – Space is Limited.

Register here to reserve your rain barrel!  



- Energy efficiency in your home

- Residential solar options

- Biofuel and alternative fuel demo

- Recycling in Calvert County

- Sustainable Calvert Network

- Bags Out of the Bay

- Water quality in the Patuxent River

- Global Sustainability

- Control invasives in your yard

- Watershed model and discussion

- Gardening for butterflies

- Maryland Big Tree program

- Green school initiatives

- Beekeeping

- Planting for pollinators

- Wild edibles

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1 - 1:30PM

Is Solar Right for You?
Murray Building, First Floor

Protecting Calvert’s Working Landscapes
Murray Building, Second Floor

Green School Initiatives
Studio School: Classroom 1

Invasive Plants and Their Impacts
Studio School: Classroom 2



Is Solar Right for You?
Murray Building, First Floor

Ecological Riches of Calvert County
Murray Building, Second Floor

Green School Initiatives
Studio School: Classroom 1

Calvert County Big Tree Program
Studio School: Classroom 2



Ecological Riches of Calvert County
Murray Building, Second Floor



Butterfly Gardening
Murray Building, First Floor

Global Sustainability
Murray Building, Second Floor

Energy Efficiency
Studio School: Classroom 1

Planting for Pollinators
Studio School: Classroom 2



Butterfly Gardening
Murray Building, First Floor

Water Quality in the Patuxent River
Murray Building, Second Floor

Energy Efficiency
Studio School: Classroom 1

Planting for Pollinators
Studio School: Classroom 2



Rain Barrel Workshops

Jackie Takacs, Watershed Restoration Specialist, University of MD Sea Grant Extension Program

Those participants formally registered will come awaywith a rain barrel and will learn the technique for later installation at home. Or just stop by to learn how rain barrels reduce the impact of run-off on our local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

It Starts in your Backyard: Protecting the Bay Watershed

Scott Sinex, Chair, Calvert County Environmental Commission

From your septic tank to lawn fertilizers to runoff, what can homeowners do to help protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed? Learn some simple actions that you can do!

Biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester) – Display and Discussion

Britt Boughey, Chief Operating Officer, Beryl Renewables

Come learn about the process of making biodiesel and see the equipment involved as well as samples of material at different stages of the process. Join the discussion on what applications are right for biodiesel and what quality control is necessary for its proper use.


Recycling: the Metamorphosis of
Waste into New Recycled Products

Keith Roumfort, Calvert County Division of Solid Waste

What do your recyclables turn into? From reading a newspaper to eating at a restaurant, learn how you help transform waste into new products instead of being cocooned in a landfill.

Bags Out of the Bay

Nancy Radcliffe, Calvert Library

Plastic bags are littered across the Bay floor wreaking havoc on natural ecosystems for crabs and oysters alike. Calvert Library staff are leading the effort to rid the area os plastic bags by organizing crocheters to make beautiful totes out of disposable bags.

Foraging for Wild Plant Materials:
Edibles and Crafts

Peter Vogt, American Chestnut Land Trust

Calvert is home to many species of plants which offer wild nuts, fruits, greens, shoots or roots. They also provide useful parts for crafts such as wood for carving, vines for basketry, seeds for necklaces, etc. Come see the many possibilities that are in our forests, wetlands and fields all around you.



Is Solar Right for You?

Lezael Rorie, Manager, Distributed Energy Resources, SMECO

Learn more about SMECO’s involvement in solar and the general process for our customers. There are important factors to consider and questions to ask before determining if solar is right for you. SMECO offers resources to guide customers through the process.

Protecting Calvert’s Working Landscapes

Greg Bowen, Sustainable Calvert Network

In 2015, 8 major county groups came together to form the Sustainable Calvert Network. Its mission is "to achieve a future for Calvert County that fully integrates farming, fishing, natural and cultural resources, along with economic and societal needs". 2 more groups joined in 2016. Greg Bowen will discuss the progress and work that needs to be done.

Green School Initiatives

Sheila Stevens, Calvert County Public Schools

Our school system is filled with innovative green initiatives and we are proud to have made significant progress in energy savings and resource conservation. Highlights will include lighting upgrades, Demand Response participation, HVAC projects, single stream recycling and many other efforts.

Invasive Plants and Their Impacts

Autumn Philips, Calvert County Forestry Board

Learn how to identify some common invasive plants and their impact on our native ecosystems. This workshop will briefly cover some commonly planted invasive species and offer suggestions on native plants as replacements.

Calvert County Big Tree Program

Jill Lee, Calvert County Forestry Board

Maryland was the 1st state to institute a Big Tree program and it has become one of the most popular forestry programs nationwide. Learn how you can nominate a Big Tree, how we measure the trees, and what constitutes a County, State or National Champion.

Ecological Riches of Calvert County

Karyn Molines, Calvert County Natural Resources Division

Calvert has an abundance of riches found in each of the county nature parks, including the Patuxent River, Chesapeake Bay, forests, fields, streams and wetlands. Learn about these natural treasures and how citizens are having fun being Calvert Stewards to help preserve and protect them.

Butterfly Gardening

Hester Burch, Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center

The talk will inspire and educate people on what plants to grow in their garden to attract butterflies. Learn not only what plants feed butterflies but what plants to plant to feed the caterpillars as well! Lots of beautiful color photos.

Global Sustainability

Dr. Thomas Miller, Chesapeake Bay Laboratory

For 90 years, the Chesapeake Bay Laboratory has been conducting research to ensure the sustainability of the Chesapeake Bay. What messages do our knowledge of the Chesapeake have for broader concerns about sustainability of coastal systems around the US and
the world?

Energy Efficiency

Joanne Simmons, Energy Analyst, SMECO

Learn how to reduce your electric bill by making simple changes in your home. Reducing your electric demand will save you money and protect the environment!

Planting for Pollinators

Judy Kay, Calvert County Master Gardeners

Put a Buzz in your garden! Did you know that every third bite we eat requires animal pollination and all these creatures are in decline. Learn the many ways you can provide habitat for pollinators that will help them survive and increase their numbers.

Water Quality in the Patuxent River

Dr. Jeremy Testa, Chesapeake Bay Laboratory

The Patuxent River has been studied by local scientists for many decades, during which the river and estuary have changed in a variety of ways. Let’s revisit the history of water quality in this river and look ahead to what may happen in the coming decades.


Drop-in ArtLAB Activity for Kids: Litterbugs

Kids can make their own "litter bug" out of a variety of materials saved from the landfill. Drop in anytime during the event for this fun, hands-on activity and take home a new litterbug friend.



Green Team Mission Statement

The Calvert County Citizens Green Team works to promote sustainable lifestyles by identifying and sharing innovative green technologies hosting a Calvert County Green Expo and encouraging environmental stewardship among county citizens in their workplace, homes, and communities.



About the Calvert Green Expo & Craft Fair (scheduled for 2017)

Join us in 2017 for Southern Maryland’s leading sustainability event, where you can learn how to make your life, and our community, healthier – environmentally!  Explore more than 100 booths and talk with leaders and educators in green living, see the recent developments in renewable energy and green technology, learn how to lower home energy costs, harness solar power, build a green home, plant a healthier garden, compost our waste, and so much more!










































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