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Monday - Friday, 2pm - 5pm
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Get inspired in the artLAB!

Welcome to Annmarie's artLAB, a creative reuse center for all ages.  Located in the Arts Building the artLAB is a the place for fun and funky  activities. Not just for kids, the artLAB always has interesting projects for adults too.  Stop in and visit!   

Special note:  the artLAB may occasionally close for a group tour.  Please call ahead to check - thank you!

Club Days - Bring your next group meeting to the ARTLAB! Or build your own club!  Just recruit 4 or more friends and email to set up your private club experience today!

Group Visit - group visits can be scheduled any day of the week!  School groups, scout groups, adult groups, birthday parties, private club meets, and more! 

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What is creative reuse?
Creative reuse is the process of taking used or recycled materials and turning them into works of art, home decoration, utilitarian objects, jewelry, and other useful or pleasing items. 


Why creative reuse?
   - creative something of value
   - reduce waste
   - conserve natural resources
   -  save money


art + conservation
Creative reuse demonstrates that artistic creativity and conservation can go hand in hand - using all manner of unwanted materials.  Junk has value for those who are willing to look for the possibilities.  Creative reuse is an effective response to ever-filling landfills, overproduction, and diminishing natural resources.  


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We are currently seeking the following items:

Pool noodles, pool noodles, pool noodles!

lidded jars of all sizes 
ribbon,rope, twine 
general art supplies
tennis ball containers
electric skillet or hot plate
muffin tins

hand tools--hammers, saws, pliers, etc.
1 gallon plastic water jugs
2 liter and 1 liter plastic bottles

paper towel and gift wrap cardboard tubes

 packing peanuts 

Have something else?  Click to see the complete list of needed supplies!


Ways to support the artLAB:  volunteer - financial support - become a partner

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