Apr 15 2011 - Sep 18 2011

Exhibition Jurors: 
Carolyn Egeli, artist
Lynn Heidelbaugh, Curator,
National Postal Museum

About Face
explores the artist as storyteller. How does an artist develop and arrange the elements of a good story—character, setting, plot, conflict, climax, and resolution—through the format of a portrait? Though we all have a story to tell, what is gained or lost when we are rendered through an artist’s point of view? Do the completed works represent the person we are, the person we strive to be, or the character the artist sees? How do traditional and new media types affect the impact of a portrait? This exhibition highlights portraits that tell a compelling story in a visually interesting way.

Annmarie After Hours Reception - Friday, April 15, 2011, 6-9pm

Contributing Artist(s): 
Theresa Alo, Brenda Belfield, Mary Blumberg, Greg Buening, Dana Caffee-Glenn, Chadwick and Spector, Rick Clement, Lesa Cook, Maryellen Cox, Mary Ellen Croteau, Candy Cummings, Jackie Cutlip-Niles, G.A. Gardner, Michael Godfrey, Erin Hall, Soomin Ham, Davis Hannon, Maria Bennett Hock, Dana Horvath, Arnold Hurley, Lisa Ide, Katherine Knight, James Langley, Mimi Little, Patsy Lindamood, Kathleen Madigan, Marie Marcano, Marla McLean, Leigh Moose, Judi Mowery-Poe, Kerry Burke Mackenzie, Tess Olson, Judith Peck, Ashley Phipps, William Allen Poe, Paul Rhymer, Jane M. Rowe, Tim Scheirer, Linda Friedman Schmidt, Clarence Schumaker, Suzanne Shelden, Sandra Stephens, N. Stewart, Karen Stone, Samantha Stover, Sharon Trumbull, Rosa Valladares, von schmidt, Angela Young, Chen Zhang








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