Photography Guidelines

We encourage guests to explore and enjoy the beauty of Annmarie!  Guests are welcome to paint, draw, sketch, and photograph the lovely views to be found in the garden.  We do ask that you review the following information and contact the office with any questions.  Thank you!

Individual, private use - we do not place restrictions on photographs taken during a normal visit to Annmarie.  As long as you have paid the regular admission fees for all members of your group, you are welcome to explore the grounds and take photographs for personal use.  We do ask that you respect the privacy of other guests and do not take photographs of guests not in your group.

Photographers associated with a scheduled Annmarie wedding or other private party - photographers who have been hired by an Annmarie rental client are welcome to make use of the property for photo shoots associated with the client.  These photographers are asked to check in at the Arts Building and to provide the name of the rental client.  In addition, please note that photographers who are associated with an Annmarie rental client are eligible to have their name and contact information added to our preferred vendor list.  Please email for information about this process. 

Professional Photographers - Annmarie is often the backdrop for weddings, engagement and graduation photographs.  We are happy to welcome photographers and their clients to our beautiful sculpture garden.  Please be aware that as a non-profit organization, we rely on the direct and in-kind support of many individual and businesses.  We ask that photographers who use Annmarie consider how they might support Annmarie and help us ensure a sustainable future for this lovely place.  Ways to support Annmarie:  pay the very modest admission fee for you and your clients, or become a member of Annmarie, or recognize Annmarie on your website, etc.    

Media - we are happy to allow members of the Media to take photographs of the garden and grounds.  We do ask that you check in at the Arts Building and present your credentials.  When photographing works of art, we ask that you follow standard protocol in the identification of the work.  In addition, if you take photographs of guests, particularly children, you must secure permission prior to publication or posting of photographs.


Annmarie Photography Policy - the management reserves the right to take photographs of any guests to Annmarie at any time and at any event or gathering.  Guests who do not wish to have their photograph taken should notify a staff member.  Parents with children registered in an Annmarie class who do not wish their child to be photographed, should indicate this on the registration form.  Thank you!


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