Feb 16 2018 - Sep 23 2018


Sep 29 2017 - Nov 5 2017

Curiosities: a collection of natural wonders

Nature never ceases to amaze us with her beauty, inspire us with her majesty, and challenge us with her fury. But, sometimes she just gives us the creeps!

Explore this curious new exhibit in our Nature Nook before it's gone!


3rd Annual Mud Day!

Sunday, June 25


 Members FREE; Non-members $5; kids 4 & under free

Apr 7 2017 - May 29 2017

Children's Fairy Garden Outdoor Exhibit

April 7 - May 29, 2017 in the Fairy Lolly


Come frolic in the Fairy Lolly and explore our magical village of fairy houses and gnome homes, each lovingly created by children. 


Contributing Artist(s): 
Girl Scout Troop #6204, Elanor & Robert Knight, Josephina & Jessica Wonneman, Kyra Coppins, Girl Scout Troop #4678, Hannah, Celia, & Alexandra Shea, Katy & Charlotte Ford, Brownie Troop #6737, Tidewater School Elementary Class, Brownie Troop #5060, Aria, Patrick Solemeto & Vandanna Kapoor, Layla, Kelly Gearhart and Evan Ognen, Lucas, Amelia, Aubrey Signorelli & Sandra Easton, Kayleigh Coppins-Dutton, Girl Scout Troop 4542, Jaxon Swift, Avery, Drew Willkening & Elizabeth Hickman & Ryan Auld