Join us for the magicaliciousl opening of our Fairies in the Garden exhibit featuring more than 100 houses! This is a family-friendly evening featuring delicious appetizers by Maryland County Caterers and live music.

Join us at Annmarie to enjoy a casual adult evening of great art, wine & beer, light hors d'oeuvres by Mission BBQ, and live music with the Roundhouse String Band.

Apr 6 2019 - 10:00am - 11:00am
Members Fee: 
Non-Members Fee: 
included with price of admission

Tour our new Nature Nook exhibit with the staff naturalist and get familiar with our local pollinators. Learn what to plant to keep them busy.

Thank goodness, Spring is here! Join us for a very special Maker's Market in celebration of Spring. We'll have a delightful selection of vendors with new creations, new products, and new ideas. You will certainly find something that SPARKS joy!


@annmariearts  #AMGteentakeover

May 24 2019 - Sep 2 2019


Annmarie After Hours Opening Reception - Friday, May 24, 5-8pm

Contributing Artist(s): 
Denise Alexander, Mark Anderson, John Aquilino, George Bedell, Janet Braun-Reinitz, , Bonnie M. Bucknam, Jennifer Carwile, Cynthia Chan, June Cruz, Kimberley Eddy, Pam Eichner, Stephen Estrada, Tracey Donnelly Franklin, Nic Galloro, Jennifer Hecker, Rachel Horner, Everett Kane, H.J. Kleiber, Melissa Langley, Tanya Levina, Addison Newton Likins, George Lorio, Sallie Lowenstein, Joanna Macaulay, Krista Machovina, Monica Marquez Gatica, Bernard T. Matus, Hugh mcKay, Pat Morrison, Johathan nepini, John Okay, Sookkyung Park, Valerie Patterson, Yvonne Petkus, John Power, Regina B. Quinn, Roz Racanello, Michele Randall, Michelle Rial, Thom Sawyer, Clarence Schumaker, Greg St. John, Brad Story, Tanzanight, Murray Taylor, Marietta Vannatta, Carol Wade, Kimberlee Whaley, Andrew Wodzianski, Wendy Woodson
Sep 27 2019 - Oct 26 2019


Contributing Artist(s): 
Carrie Patterson, Ying Li, Cecily Kahn, Kayla Mohammadi, Rebecca Rutstein, Kendra Wadsworth, Pamela Cardwell, Janis Goodman, Jennifer Anderson
Jul 13 2019 - Jul 14 2019

Art Blooms Floral Design Exhibit - 10th Anniversary!

Contributing Artist(s): 
Peggy Cochran, Beth Beighley, Jane Eyler, Pat Terlisner, Mary Smolinski, Joyce Fletcher, Shahla Butler, Betty Kilpatrick, Suzan Miller, Andrea Kroll, Adele Maguire, Nancy Thompson, Mary Phillips, Janet Wells, Rosemary Dawley, Peggy Allen, Diane Reyno, Annette Davis, Magaret Fahs, Vicki Geneva, Pat Gerwert, Karen Anderson, Deborah Noyes, Duffy Boyd, Angela Bryant Ingram, Robin Gill, Kathy Glockner, Cherie Heely, Michaela Hogarty, Andrea Kuhn, Mary Lilly, Lizzie Schuman, Danielle Zelinski, Betty Seifert, Ingrid Swann, Paula Winkler, Betsy Iampier, Jenny Henry
Apr 5 2019 - Sep 2 2019

10th Annual Fairies in the Garden 

Contributing Artist(s): 
The Cook Family, Britt Krauss, Cissy Langley, H.L. Langley, Ann & Dan Crain, Erin Becraft, Kayleigh Becraft, Delaney Becraft, Abigail O'Donnell, Lucy O'Donnell, Patrick O'Donnell, Devon O'Donnell, Dan Allen, Megan Allen, Amanda Allen, Bethany Allen, Matthey Allen, Katie Allen, Annastacia DiRenzo, Ellisa DiRenzo, Ann Preston, Sue & Joey Leannarda, Traci Lowery & Orion Grady, Charles Cowan, Amy Cowan, Bradley Cowan, Brooke Cowan, Piper Geist, Emery Geist, Grammie, Elizabeth & Odin Grady, Carole Purcell, Ken Spring, The Novotny Family, Holly Budd & friends, Erryn Fleming, Con Rankin, Amanda Eiben, Jayleen Morales, Nicole Bozman, Jeff Bozman, Natalie Bozman, Evan Bozman, Juliette Rule, Lauren Rule, Allison Rule, Jeff Rule, Michaela Grahm, Hannah Graham, Carolyn Schindler, Debbie & Don Erb, Buffy Summers, Jayson Russell, Julie Kirkner, Lucia Siracusano, Isabella Siracusano, Brenda Elmore, Mary & Michael Heyl, Adelynn, Rylee & Courtney Watson, Nelda Cusic & Norah Clark, Kinsley Wade, OLSS art students, Beverly Querry, Deb Hoy, Sherry Aisen, Mary Havelka, Don, Jenn Covington, George, Gloria, Martha & Nancy, Esther Murphy, Laura Brino, Sadie Jackson, Martha Morrison, Jon Keith, Melissa Keith, Sherry Crowe, Leslie King, Shelby Oppermann, Debs Symkowiak, Karen Ganong, Evelyn Ganong & Betty Grams, Sharol Yeatman, Kirsten Hankins, DJ Lavery, Brina Doyle, Donna Brid, Beth Sanford, Kathryn Jones, Connor Jones, Kerry Jones, Larry Jones, Candace mack Chandler, Eli Graeme, Beth Graeme, Victoria McCaffery, Chris McCaffery, Jody Brouwer, Caleb Hall & Penny Goodenough, Renee Nameth, Angelica Nameth, Max Nameth, Mary Emerson, Mike Emerson






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