The garden will closed at 4:30pm for a PRIVATE Holiday Party.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  



The public is invited to a reception for the Cafe Gallery - Local Flavor Exhibit....

What the Camera Sees...
Thru the lens of Beverly Wyckoff Jackson
Reception - Sunday, November 6, 1-4pm

The public is invited to a reception for the Local Flavor Exhibit.  Meet the artist, enjoy light refreshments, and tour the exhibit.  Works will be offered for sale.

Regular admission fees apply.



On Sunday, November 6, 1-4pm, Mimi Little, Abbey Griffin & Suzanne Shelden will host a reception for their Mezzanine exhibit, imagine a.... 

Join them for casual conversation about their exhibit.  No reservations required.   

May 11 2012 - Oct 8 2012


Contributing Artist(s): 
Julie Allinson & Shannan Todd Bisese, Lisa Barry, Jamie & Laurel Beall, Kate, John, Eleanor, & Nolan Beichner, Mark & Linda Bliss, Cannon Leigh Studios (Veronica Hunter & Joshua Sloan), Madeline, Sarah & Tommy Chen, Rosie & Lizzie Click, Ann Crain, Linda Crandall, Candy Cummings, Richard D'Agostino, Melissa DeCesaris & Barbara Boward & Lisa Slayton, Mackenzie Dinopoulos, Megan Dinopoulos, Anna and Ellisa DiRenzo & Ann Preston, Dave, Jena, Anabel, Eliza & Leo Eschenbrenner, Linda Fry & McGinty Family, Bill, Beth, Kiera & Allison Gallagher, Amanda Amber Hance, Addy & Stacey Ruff, Katie Hill & Alicia Norris, Beverly Wyckoff Jackson & Debra Wyckoff Corban, Jaimie, Cara & Marlee Jeffrey, The Jones Family, Peggy Lambert, Jim Langley, Melissa Langley, Norma LeVally, Mimi Little & Emma and Jack Dodsworth, Caitlin & Abigail Maple, Melissa McCormick, Anya, Gina & Michael McCullough & Judy & Dennis Halcomb, Sharon McDonagh, Madline Morrell &Halle Lee & Anna Ewing, Joanne Paskoff, Lucy Paskoff, David Porter & Audra Kelly & children, Luke & Will, Carole Purcell, Cameron, Bradlie & Aurora Quick, Lucy Richards, Louise & Paul Savvas, John Schaffner, Luray Schaffner, Carolyn Schindler, Abigail Seay, Crystal, Mike & Shawn Seay, Makayla Seay & Linda Bracey, Suzanne & Courtney Shelden, Lilah and Dana Shepherd & Nancy Biel, Morgan Slade, Allie Snyder, Sharon Stapf, Robyn Strayer, The Children Of Prime Time Children's Center & Brenda Tyrrell, The Children Of Prime Time Youth Activity & Brenda Tyrrell, Cara, Carol & Bob Thompson, Ninh Vu, & Sofia Camacho & Lillie MacBride, Len & Karen Zuza.

The garden will close at 5:00pm for a private party.  Thank you!

Feb 14 2012 - Aug 31 2012

Home Tweet Home: art for the birds
February 14-August 31, 2012*

Contributing Artist(s): 
Elizabeth Click, Carolyn Schindler, Eugene A. Hayden, Jr., Joanne & Rachel Povall, Jo & Joseph Oughton, Suzzane & Harry Foulkes, Jackie & Tevor Covelli, Linda Bracey, Abigail & Makayla Seay, Kay Simkins, Eli & Jeff DiRenzo, Ann Preston, Richard Preston, Cara Thompson, Carol Victoria Thompson, Sharon McDonagh, Woman's Club of St. Mary's, J. Luray Schaffner & John Schaffner, Kathy Hatfield, Caraline Jeffrey, Betty Violett, Melissa Langley, Fritzie Seidler, The Ruff Family, Russell Morin, Betty Violett, Jeff Hatfield
Jan 9 2012 - Feb 25 2012


Annmarie After Hours Reception for Living Gallery - Friday, March 16, 6-9pm

Contributing Artist(s): 
Suzanne Shelden, Rachel Castle Herzer, Inja Cho, Beverly Jackson, Carol Waite, Norma LeVally, Tamar Assaf, Allie Snyder, Liz Printz, David Berry, Jacqui Crocetta, Colleen Lochausen, Candace Law, Anna Showers-Cruser, Kay Collins, Mickey Kunkle, Diana Manchak, Ann Crain, Mary Blumberg, Jimmy Cintron
For intermediate and advanced students, bring 2 or 3 paintings that are in need of rescue! There will be a critique (not criticism!) along with exercises structured for each individual to help strengthen your current work.  A valuable workshop for any artist, come prepared to take your work to the next level!










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