2015 Summer Public Art Project - Picto-Pebbles

              - paint a rock with an image representing your home town!


2015 Summer Public Art Project inspired by the work of Artist-In-Residence, Kevin Sudeith


June 1 - August 30, 2015


Do you know the difference between a hieroglyph, a petroglyph, a pictograph, and logogram?  Visit our Summer Public Art Project table, just off the Hungerford Patio, and learn the difference.  Once you have mastered the differences, paint your own Picto-Pebble with an image that represents your hometown.  Come back later this summer, or during Artsfest, to find your rock in the park!

As you walk the trail, keep an eye out for our summer Artist-In-Residence Kevin Sudeith,  He is carving petroglyphs onto three large boulders located along our trail.  When you find him, take a look at the images he has carved.  Why do you think he chose them?





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