About Artists in Action 2022

Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center is pleased to announce the return of Artists in Action! From March 7 - May 30, 2022, Annmarie’s Main Gallery will be transformed into temporary artist studios, providing a serene retreat and workspace for artists to create. The 30-acre park, patios, and pavilions will host plein air painters and outdoor artists. 


Interested in Applying?

Artists in Action provides visiting artists the opportunity to develop new artwork, network with other artists, display and sell their existing work in a gallery exhibit, and share their creative process with visitors. Through this program, artists are allowed to work in free studio space in a beautiful setting. The sculpture park provides numerous locations for artists to work and find inspiration. Outdoor artists can select days and times that fit their schedule and adjust as the weather dictates. Artists may work on any project they wish using our park as their workspace. The goal of the program is to provide artists with a safe opportunity to create and sell art while sharing the creative process with the public - at a distance. Outdoor artists may move their space freely day to day, utilizing covered areas, patios, forests, paths, etc. Artists are welcome to bring a small tent or patio umbrella for shade/ weather protection.




March 7 - 13: Melchior Powell, Noelani Jones, Madeline Stillwagon, Annika Thomsen, and Barb Mowery
March 14 - 20: Brendan Robinson, Carrie Lee, Jackie Clark, Barb Mowery, and Ann Preston
March 21 - 27: Ruby Bassford, Krista Spalding, and Rachel Gibson 
March 28 - April 3: Huey Min Chuang, Alicia Lindbom, and Diana Manchek
April 4 - 10: Annie Tull, Barb Mowery, Kelly Snyder, Linda Craven, and Carolyn Huff
April 11 - 16: Janice Horoschak, Pamela Callen, and Toni Wolf 
April 18 - 24: Bryan Jernigan, Naomi Ben-Ari, Brenda Foehrkolb, Janice Horoschak and Miki Kimura 
April 25 - May 1: Cheryl Hiller, Pam Joyner, Reenie Charriere, and Julia Gaff 
May 2 - 5: Kelsey Joyce, Alyson Annette Eshelman, and Michele Banks
May 9 - 12: Jaime Mulac, Louise Wigglesworth, Joan Wiberg, Abbi Ruppert, Kathy Stanley, and Annelise Wilcox
May 16 - 19: Terri Frew, Mickey Kunkle, Barbara Rushworth, and Kate Rowkamp 
May 23 - 30: Melchior Powell, Laura Grothaus, Rosalie Eck, Elizabeth Ashe, and Felicia Reed



Questions?  t. 410-326-4640 or exhibits@annmariegarden.org



This organization is supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council (msac.org).





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