Inflatable - Images & Inspirations

June 13- August 31, 2016

Summer is here and Annmarie Garden announces an exciting community art project entitled, Inflatable - Images & Inspirations. The project will continue throughout the summer and will be led by artist-in-residence, Hannah Jeremiah. Visitors are invited to participate in something bigger than themselves with the creation of this work of art that will inspire and delight.

Jeremiah is an artist who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. She was born in Arkansas and grew up in the Connecticut suburbs. There she developed a curiosity about overabundance, waste, and the unwanted--one earring in the stairwell, a pyramid of empty Snapple bottles, two leftover sleeves. For Hannah, discarded objects act as catalysts for flexible sculptures, installations, and performances. A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, she has exhibited work at Artscape, Maryland Art Place, and MICA’s Annual Benefit Fashion Show.

For the Inflatable project, Hannah will sew together scraps to create an inflatable that interacts with the outdoor environment. Visitors can help this project come to life by drawing a picture or writing a message on pieces of scrap plastic and vinyl in the artLAB at Annmarie Garden. Inspiration can come from what you are grateful for, a person who makes you happy, or something you love to do. Just join us, have fun and be creative!

The community is encouraged to come back and contribute as often as they would like and then join us at Artsfest September 17-18 to see the finished installation.

Below is a sketch of what the finished piece could look like. Stay tuned to see how the project progresses!

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