Saturday & Sunday, Sept 21 & 22, 2024, 10am-5pm both days

    Join us for our 32nd Annual Artsfest!

Established in 1993, Artsfest is an annual juried arts festival held at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center located in Solomons, Maryland - about an hour from the Baltimore-Washington metro area. Recognized as one of the top outdoor arts festivals in the Mid-Atlantic region, Artsfest brings together some of the country’s most accomplished artists for a weekend of outstanding shopping, exceptional entertainment, and delicious food and drinks.  Artsfest features more than 40 bands and entertainment acts performing on four stages, as well as family activities and programs under the Discovery Tent and in the Zany Zone.  The beauty of Annmarie Garden is the perfect backdrop for this annual celebration of the arts!  We hope you will make Artsfest a must-do on your list of shows!

32nd Annual Artsfest!
Annmarie Garden was named for Ann Marie Koenig, wife of Francis Koenig, who donated the property to the citizens of Calvert County.  Although Ann Marie and Francis are no longer living, we are honored to hold Artsfest every year on Ann Marie’s birthday!  In 2024, we will celebrate the 32nd annual Artsfest and Ann Marie’s 117th birthday!  As a tribute to our patroness, we honor one of the original goals of Artsfest – to share the creative process with visitors.  Artsfest artists are encouraged (but not required) to demonstrate during Artsfest.  For all those who are able, please consider what part of your creative process you can demonstrate during the festival.  Happy Birthday Ann Marie and Happy Anniversary Artsfest – 32 years celebrating artists and the arts! 

Annmarie Garden is a lovely thirty acre park that consists of several distinct areas: the award-winning Murray Arts Building, the paved circular parking area known as the Tent Circle, the serene and shady Wooded Path, the grassy Meadow, the Loblolly Grove, the Council Ring, and the Creekside Overlook.  During Artsfest, artists, music and myriad activities are located around the entire garden, with artists booths concentrated in the Arts Building, Tent Circle, and along the Wooded Path. Visitors regularly comment on how much they enjoy our festival under the glorious canopy of trees and amidst the sculpture. You will find no prettier venue for an arts festival!   TYPICAL EVENT LAYOUT

An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, Annmarie is a located in scenic Solomons, Maryland, where the Patuxent River meets the Chesapeake Bay.  The sculpture garden features a walking path that meanders through the forest, past permanent and loaned sculpture, including more than forty works on loan from the Smithsonian Institution and the National Gallery of Art.  The garden also presents a variety of special events, gallery shows, and engaging public art programs throughout the year.  The Studio School offers creative classes taught by a talented faculty.  The award-winning Murray Arts Building, is a 15,000 sq.ft. museum-grade exhibition space that includes two large galleries, a gift shop, the artLAB, and a sunny patio that offers lovely views of the outdoor sculpture. 

Everyone at Annmarie is committed to connecting people to art and nature through a wide variety of engaging events, programs, exhibits, and special events.  During Artsfest, we welcome artists and guests from all walks of life and backgrounds.  Please join us in working to create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone!  Thank you! 

Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center is located in the Solomons community, a lovely waterfront town situated where the Patuxent River meets the Chesapeake Bay.  Just over an hour drive from the Washington DC-Baltimore metro area, Solomons is a popular destination for tourists, boaters, and regional residents.  With spectacular views, interesting shops, a terrific marine museum, and wonderful restaurants, Solomons is a delightful place to spend a day or weekend.  This distinctive setting and engaging array of programs and exhibits makes Annmarie an important element of any visit to Solomons and southern Maryland.

Chaired by the Curator of Programs of Annmarie Garden, the Artsfest Jury is a 1-3 member committee made up of fellow artists, art and museum professionals and supporters, Annmarie staff, and art instructors.  A non-refundable application fee of $25.00, along with an artist statement and images of your work, must be submitted with the application. A select group of approximately 160-190 artists will be chosen for participation. Please note that the Director or Curator reserve the right to change any booth location at any time as necessary, even after notification of space assignment has been given.  Interested artists must submit an application by March 31. 


  • * Each artist will receive digital Artsfest postcards to be used for publicity purposes.
  • Coffee coupons for Saturday and Sunday – one per day per artist.
  • * Transportation of purchases – when it is feasible and prudent, volunteers are available to help transport large purchases made by Artsfest guests. 
  • * An extensive marketing campaign to promote Artsfest.
  • * A Festival Program featuring every artist's name, booth space, and medium, as well as a map and performance schedule for the festival.
  • * An online festival guide
  • * Booth sitters (as available) for a 10-15 minute stretch for those artists who are alone.
  • * Hard-working staff and volunteers who will do their best to provide an enjoyable, organized, and well-attended event.

Artsfest is publicized throughout the greater Metropolitan areas of Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Southern and Central Maryland, Annapolis, and surrounding regions. Included are the following outlets: The Washington Post, The Bay Weekly, Annapolis Capital, Destination Maryland Magazine, State of Maryland Tourism, Calendar of Events, suburban newspaper publications, internet postings, and radio.  In addition, Artsfest postcards, flyers, bookmarks, and other printed materials are distributed throughout the region.

The following awards (which includes a cash prize) will be presented at Artsfest; award amounts are contingent upon sponsorship:

  • Best of Show Award - visual artist
    Artsfest Spirit Award - visual artist
    Best Demonstration Award - visual artist
  • Best New Artsfest Artist Award  - visual artist
    Best Performing Artist Award - performer

Did you know that it takes more than 150 volunteers to help prepare and present Artsfest?  Volunteers help with parking, admissions, children’s activities, trash, clean up, and more!  Please consider donating a small gift from your booth to give to the volunteers that work during Artsfest.  You can drop a gift off at the Annmarie office anytime during Artsfest (leave your business card with the gift).  You will receive an acknowledgement letter (for tax purposes).  Thank you!

Artsfest is one of the most important fund-raising activities for the non-profit organization, Ann's Circle, Inc., that supports Annmarie Garden. The proceeds from this event help fund classes, programs, exhibits, garden maintenance, and the general operating budget. We cannot express enough our gratitude to all of you. We know that it takes a great deal of energy and time to prepare for and participate in this festival.  We are deeply grateful that you are willing to participate in this event, and through your efforts, to support Annmarie Garden.  We hope it is an enjoyable and profitable experience for you!  Thank you!


$25 application fee, non-refundable; payable when you apply.  
Application deadline is March 31.  


BOOTH FEE STRUCTURE: after you have been accepted, booth fees are due June 1. If you cancel before July 1, you are eligible for a booth fee refund, minus a $75 cancelation fee. If you cancel after July 1, there are no booth fee refunds.

Murray Arts Building Booth Fees


Indoor Regular


Indoor Premium






Tent Circle Booth Fees


Tent Circle Regular


Tent Circle Corner


Tent Circle Premium Corner






Wooded Path Booth Fees


Wooded Path Economy


Wooded Path Regular


Wooded Path Premium




All rental fees must be paid by June 1 
You will pay your rental fees once you have been accepted into Artsfest.

Rental fees are non-refundable unless you cancel your participation in Artsfsest prior to July 1
.  Should you cancel before July 1, a $75 cancelation fee will be deducted from your total booth and rental fee amount. 

Electricity:       $50    (please note that electricity availability may affect your booth placement)
Tables:           $15 each

**PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT RENT CHAIRS - ALL artists must bring their own chairs!  No exceptions!

Returned check fee:  $25


Annmarie Sculpture Garden is committed to presenting the finest of artists and craftspeople. Selections are chosen based on several criteria: quality, craftsmanship, creativity, uniqueness, booth display, and style of execution. To this end, the festival rules have been established to ensure the highest quality festival experience for the artists and visitors. By applying you agree to abide by the rules, policies and decisions of the Artsfest Jury.

Artist must exhibit and be present during the complete show, Saturday & Sunday, 10am-5pm, both days.  Failure to follow this rule makes artist ineligible for prizes and admission to future shows. Artists who depart or breakdown prior to closing on Saturday will not be permitted to return the following day.

Exhibitors are encouraged to set a broad price range for their works. Be a savvy business person! Remember that people come to festivals looking for affordable gifts for their friends, as well as beautiful works of art for themselves and their home.  

The bulk of work exhibited must be original and signed by the artist. See next section for details on commercial reproductions. Artist shall exhibit only works typified by their slides. Only the works of the accepted artists may be sold or displayed at Artsfest.

Photographs must be printed by the exhibiting photographer. If you produce work in editions, you must disclose edition numbers to the festival audience and include this information in your slide description.

Molded ceramics must be made by the artist with artist designed molds.

Kits, stencils, stamps, and patterns are unacceptable.

Award winners from the previous year are invited to return and are not required to pay the application fee, but must complete the online application form, and will be required to pay their booth fees.

Artists may not share space with another artist, unless that artist is juried into the show as well. Non-juried artists will be asked to leave the show immediately. Artists who wish to share a booth must submit their application materials together and clearly indicate their wish to share a booth.

For those applicants who participate in our Maker's Market program, please note the following:  we work very hard to maintain the uniqueness of Artsfest, and to clearly differentiate between Artsfest and the Market program.  If you participate in numerous Markets in may impact if you are accepted into Artsfest.  

Annmarie Sculpture Garden and the Artsfest jury acknowledge that not everyone is able to purchase original artwork due to the prices these pieces command. In an effort to keep the art accessible to everyone, Artsfest does allow the sale of commercial reproductions. However, it is important that all customers are aware of what they are purchasing, and it is for this reason Artsfest has adopted the following policy for the sale of commercial reproductions:

All reproductions must be clearly labeled as such. Other terms such as “print,” “giclee,” “offset lithograph,” etc. are PROHIBITED.  Labels must say “Reproduction.”

It is suggested that reproductions be kept in a browsing bin that is clearly labeled “Reproductions.”

Reproductions must be signed in editions of no more than 300.

Reproductions should only be a supplementary part of the artist’s display and should not exceed more than 50% of the artist’s displayed body of work.

As a general guideline, reproductions should be sold for 30%-50% of the price of the original. Size of artwork, number of prints in the edition, and number of editions should also be taken into account when pricing reproductions.

Artists displaying work not consistent with these requirements will be asked to remove disputed work. Annmarie Sculpture Garden reserves the right to close any booth that is not in compliance with the written policies.

Penalties for failure to abide by these rules include immediate removal of artwork in violation of these rules, ejection from this year’s festival, and possible suspension from exhibiting in future festivals.


When processing credit card payments from guests, artists are to conduct all business in the presence of guest.  Do not take their credit card behind your booth (and out of their sight) to process.  If you have to write down their credit card number, you must inform them and secure their permission in advance.  Ask for their phone number in case there is a problem.  You must secure their card information in a safe manner and black out the number as soon as you have processed the payment. 

Please note there is WiFi in the Arts Building, but WiFi is spotty in other areas of the garden.  If you have Comcast/Xfinity, bring your login and password information with you as may be able to catch one of the Comcast/Xfinity Hotspots. 

We discourage artists from accepting personal checks as payment. If you decide to accept a check, we strongly encourage you to record the guests driver's license number and their phone number. 

There is an ATM machine in the Arts Building. 

Each artist is responsible for collecting Maryland state sales tax and must adhere to all sales tax laws of the State of Maryland. Questions should be directed to The Office of Comptroller, Annapolis, Maryland (410) 767-1540.


ndoor Exhibit Space in the Murray Arts Building:  MURRAY ARTS BUILDING BOOTH INFO & LAYOUT
Regular Booths are 10’ x 10’, with option to reserve a corner or premium booth.  WiFi included. Artists are responsible for their own set-up and teardown. Intended as the premier exhibition space at Artsfest, the jury will be looking for exceptional artists with beautiful displays. Displays are to be professional and high-quality. Electricity is included in fee, but you MUST bring your own extension cords.  Table rental fee is $15 each.  Artist MUST provide their own chairs and their own carts.  We strongly encourage you to bring your own lighting; we will do our best to direct the gallery lights onto the booth area, but if lighting is important to you, please plan ahead and bring your own!  SPECIAL NOTE: Due to limited vehicle access, the bulk of booth set up for indoor section must be done on Thursday and Friday. Please do not set up a tent inside the Arts Building.  Artists are also encouraged to tear down indoor booth on the Monday after Artsfest. Bring your own chairs and a cart. No pets.  No smoking, no vaping.   

Regular Booths are 10’ x 10’ on asphalt, with option to reserve a regular booth, corner booth, or a premium corner booth. WiFi included.  Artists are responsible for their own set-up and takedown.  We are sorry, but you should come prepared to do all your own set up, we cannot guarantee that staff or volunteers will be available to help you. You must supply your own tent. NO spikes or stakes can be used to set up your tent or booth display. YOU MUST USE some kind of non-invasive weight system.  DO NOT TIE your display apparatus to trees, shrubs, or signs. You can drive your car to the booth for unloading and loading, but your car cannot remain parked at the booth. The fee for use of 110 volt electricity is $50.00; artist must bring their own outdoor (3 prong) extension cords.  We strongly suggest that you bring a VERY long cord as your outlet may not be nearby.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we provide an artist with an extension cord.  Tables can be rented at $15 each. Artists must bring their own chairs and their own carts. No generators. NO generators.  NO pets.  No smoking, no vaping. 

Set along our beautiful sculpture walk, under a shady canopy of trees, each booth space varies slightly in size and shape. Please note that WiFi is not reliable due to tree canopy, come ready to use cell service to process credit cards. All Regular and Premium booths are guaranteed to accommodate a 10'x10' tent.  Many artists choose to use a canopy that can adjust to adjacent trees.  Cars cannot be driven directly to the booth; our volunteers and staff will do their best to help shuttle your supplies, but each artist should bring a cart and be ready to transport their own supplies.  Artists are responsible for their own set-up and takedown.  We are sorry, but you should come prepared to do all your own set up, we cannot guarantee that staff or volunteers will be available to help you. Electricity is $50.  Tables can be rented at $15 each.  Artists must provide their own chairs. BRING A CART. No generators.  No pets.  No smoking, no vaping.

After years of observing artists and guests at Artsfest, we have some suggestions about how to have a successful weekend at Annmarie:

- Don't hide in your booth.  Stand somewhere visible in your booth and greet guests as they walk by. Be friendly!

- Create a welcoming atmosphere in your booth.  Guests like attractive displays and will venture in if something looks inviting. Guests like to talk to the artists, so invite them in and share your creativity and excitement!

- Stock your booth!  Booths that look empty are just not very fun or inviting. 

- Bring a sign with your name and website clearly displayed!  Make sure the name of your business is visible - have a sign with your name - and have business cards!  You may not make a sale today, but someone may call you up after the event.

- Watch out for trip hazards in your booth.  Check for anything that may trip someone up, or catch on their clothes or bags.

- Try and have a nice range of price points.  Lots of people come to Artsfest ready to spend money, but others might just want a small gift.  Be prepared for all types. 

- Make sure your prices are visible.  Most people hate having to ask, "how much is that?"  With more than 160 booths, and so much to see and do at Artsfest, having to ask all the time is just a turn-off, and may cause some people to just walk on by.

- Try not to put everything in the case.  We realize some things have to be in the case, but consider keeping less expensive items out where guests can pick them up and examine them. 

-Secure your tent, art, and supplies at night, and dispose of trash in the the giant dumpster by the Handicap Entrance.  We are in the middle of a garden, so little critters may venture out looking for food.  Don't leave unsecured food in your tent! 

- Reports of theft are few and far between, but keep a friendly eye on things. The more you engage with visitors, the less you need to worry about theft.  Look people in the eye, shake their hand, and talk to people - friendly diligence is key! 

- Please note that Ann's Circle cannot be responsible for any theft, damage, or breakage to your booth, merchandise, or vehicles.

-Please treat a guest's credit card as if it was your own.  The less you handle the card, the better.  Do not take their credit card out of their sight.  Don't write their credit card number down without their permission, and if you have to write it down, black the number out as soon as you are done with it.  Guard their credit card carefully!  

-If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!


Artsfest is a smoke-free, vape-free event, but we will provide a designated smoking/vaping area.  Under no circumstances are artists allowed to smoke or vape in or around their booth.

Pets are NOT permitted within the confines of Annmarie Sculpture Garden during Artsfest.

NO BALLONS, no latex, no mylar, no exceptions!

NO GENERATORS!  no exceptions.

RV Parking at Artsfest is EXTREMELY LIMITED. You cannot make RV reservations until you have been accepted for Artsfest. You MUST make a reservation and pay in advance to park an RV in our parking field. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis and payment must be made in advance. No exceptions. No refunds! The RV Fee is $75/day; no partial payments.

About Cars & Parking at Artsfest – our rules about cars are not without reason and have been developed over the years as a result of trial and error. The main goal of our policy is to ensure the safety of ALL artists and ALL visitors. During set-up times, artists may park their cars in approved locations to unpack/pack. Once you have unpacked your car, you must immediately move it over to the parking field. This frees up room for another artists to unpack/pack. ALL CARS must be removed from the Garden by 9:30am on Sat and Sun. NO EXCEPTIONS.   At the end of the each day, there is a 30 minute period from about 5:00-5:30pm when we must politely get all the visitors out of the 30 acre property - no cars are allowed in the Garden during this time.  You must wait. We value the physical safety of you and our visitors.  Please bring your patience and sense of humor with you to Artsfest!

The Sunday Teardown Procedure - we have a system that has been developed over the years. It is very effective, but it does take some time, so PLEASE BRING your SENSE OF HUMOR and your PATIENCE with you when you come to Artsfest.  Please be kind to your colleagues, the Dowell Road residents, the staff, the Boy Scouts, the ROTC kids that work the parking lot, and our wonderful Annmarie volunteers!   

For Artsfest teardown, we use the A – B entry system. The As come in first, and then about 30 minutes later, the Bs come in. This helps with traffic congestion. If you are a B, we suggest you use the time to organize and pack. We place staff members with walkie-talkies at all congestion points to help control traffic. Please obey their directions and hand signals and help us make Artsfest a safe event for everyone!  Remember, bring your patience and sense of humor with you when you come to Artsfest!  It will make the whole experience much more enjoyable for everyone.  If you are rude, you will get a C.

We love Artsfest and want you to love it too!  If you have a question, suggestion, or concern, please feel free to contact a staff member:

Helen Lindsey, Artist Coordinator

Jaimie Jeffrey, Curator of Education / Deputy Director -


March 31 

 Deadline to apply for ARTISTS

April 30

Notification of Jury decision for ARTISTS

May 1

Deadline to apply to McMullin Program

Deadline to apply for PERFORMERS

Deadline to apply for an ACTIVITY BOOTH


Deadline to apply for FOOD VENDORS


Deadline to apply for CULTURAL & ENVIRONMENTAL Organizations

May 15

Notification of acceptance decision for PERFORMERS, FOOD VENDORS, ACTIVITY BOOTHS,  and CULTURAL & ENVIRONMENTAL Organizations

June 1

ARTIST booth reservation & rental fees due  

July 1 ARTIST cancelation deadline; cancelation fee $75


Artsfest set-up information emailed to EVERYONE!

Thurs, Sept 19

Noon-4:00pm – Early Bird Set-Up for INDOOR ARTISTS & FOOD VENDORS

Fri, Sept 20

10:00am-5:00pm – Booth Set-Up (Indoor booth set-up complete)

Sat, Sept 21

7:00am-9:30am – Booth Set-Up


9:30am – ALL cars must be moved to Parking Field


10:00am-5:00pm – Artsfest Open to Public


10:00am-5:00pm – Jury will observe ARTISTS Demonstrating work


5:00-5:30pm – Public leaves site; no cars allowed in garden during this time

Sun, Sept 22

8:00-9:30am – Booth Re-stocking


9:30am – ALL cars must be moved to parking lot


10:00am-5:00pm – Artsfest Open to Public

  12:00pm - ARTIST Awards Presentation


5:00-5:30pm – Public leaves site; booth teardown; no cars allowed in garden during this time


5:30pm – Group A cars enter


6:00pm – Group B cars enter


Dusk – Sunday teardown ends

Mon, Sept 23

10:00am-2:00pm – Monday teardown for those who need extra time







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