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Our summer artist-in-residence, Jan Master, will be in the forest working on her sculpture, Net/work, from July 8th- August 20th. Guests can meet the artist, watch her work, and then get inspired and contribute to Meander: A Community Art Project.


MEANDER: A Community Art Project

Help create a sculpture in the forest by contributing a triangle to the display! Inspired by the work of Jan Master, our summer artist-in-residence, Meander is an ever-growing netlike structure that will weave around the trees throughout the forest. Guests of all ages are encouraged to follow the instructions to create colorful wired triangle shapes to contribute to the work.


Daily Visitor Participation (self-guided fun!)

Daily, July 10th-August 20th, 10am-5:00pm

Guests of all ages are invited to drop in any day from July 8th- August 20th to design a wired triangle shape to add to the sculpture. Leave your triangle on the clothesline and we will add it to the display. Don’t forget to come back later in the summer and see the completed project!



About The Artist

Jan Tomlinson Master is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in St. Augustine, Florida. Her work is displayed nationwide at sites in Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona.  

Collaboration and education are an extension of her belief in the artist as healer and catalyst for change. In addition to lecturing in institutions of higher learning, believing that every child is at risk, she has taught art for the Girls Club, 4-H, summer camps, after school programs, and incarcerated youth. Her public art always involves working with the community. Most summers she teaches for the Georgia Governors Honors Program.

Jan builds sculptural installations that are mostly balanced, held by tension, or stacked to form groupings as an allegory for relationships in the natural and human world. Her site-specific installations are ‘configured’ with components from nature (branches, wheat and barley stalks, leaves, bark) and secured with man-made components. As an artist practicing in Florida, a state dealing with the impact of population growth and climate change on a delicate natural environment, Master responds with installation as a cautionary tale on what can be lost.




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