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Join us for virtual video walks with Hester Burch, our staff Naturalist, as she explores what's in bloom and what's new in our beautiful park!  Topics will vary each week!


Saturday, May 2, 9am-2pm


Virtual Bad Art Night:  Socially-Awkward Edition
Thursday, April 9, 6:30-8:30pm



Jun 12 2020 - Aug 30 2020


Contributing Artist(s): 
Gloria Adams, Pamela Adkins, Zoe Balderson, Brandin Barón, Collin Blackmore, Barbara Boward, Jenny Brown, Elizabeth Butler, Maria-Victoria Checa, Rachel Collins, Lydia Congiu, Amy Coull, Jaynie Crimmins, Nicole Esposito, Evin Felix, Gina Garding, Beverly Gardner, Priscilla George, Nico Gozal, David Gregory, Iris Hall-Willey, Vickie Hayes, Victoria Hurst, Sarah Jacobs, Don James, Gayle Kassal, Judy Klich, Bart Levy, Andrea Limauro, Kiara Machado, Sarah Magida, Gail Marchetti, Mandy Martin, Jessica McKinney-Land, Donna Miskend, Susan Moskow, Barb Mowery, Doris Ogg, Ann Preston, Regina Quinn, Michelle Rial, Amanda Schofield, Jill Smithson, Christopher Spinelli, Stefanie Stark, Nicole Stewart, Tanzanight, David Thompson, Sandra Lett, Anne-Steuart Vaughan, Carol Wade, Deborah Walmer, Cat Willett, Mary Kathryn Holden Woodward, Anna Yakubovskaya

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