Whether we enjoy painting for a living or as a hobby, sometimes we need to rediscover the joy of creativity.  Learn about the principles of composition through this exciting process where painting and collage become works of art.  This one-day workshop is for all levels of expertise.  If you have always wanted to try abstract approaches to art, then join us for this fun and creative workshop.

Additional Dates: 
September 11, 2011

Many famous painters worked in series-- from Van Gogh's haystacks to Monet's waterlillies to Jasper Johns' American flags. Painting in a series gives the artist a chance to fully explore a subject using different techniques and perspectives.  We will look at artists who have painted in a series, talk about how they conquered their subjects, and then work on identifying a subject of our own.

Additional Dates: 
March 13

Learn to turn favorite springtime scenes into watercolor works of art.  This workshop is for any skill level--bring some photos for inspiration and and let's dive in!  No experience necessary. 

Start Date: 
Aug 3 2013
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Age Group: 
teens and adults
Member Cost: 
Nonmember Cost: 
Materials Fee: 
materials list provided at registration
Beverly Wyckoff Jackson

 Tired of those old tablecloths, bedsheets or lightweight skirts or dresses?  Join us on August 3 to learn how to match up colors and textures to your home decor and get started on a new area rug.  We'll tear or cut strips of fabrics and start crocheting a round rug.

Age Group: 
Ages 6-12
Start Date: 
Aug 8 2011 - 9:00am
9 am - 12 noon
week-long, half-day camp
Nonmember Cost: 

Annmarie Sculpture Garden is excited to welcome Garrett Music Academy's Camp Discovery to our site! 


Friends - we are sorry to announce that we have decided to postpone the Gala.  We are working on a new date, perhaps later in the year, with a fun and celebratory theme.  Don't we all need something to look forward to??  Stay tuned!



Jul 29 2011 - Jul 31 2011

Images from the 2010 Friday Night Opening Reception for Art Blooms

Contributing Artist(s): 
Mary Smolinkski, Satyra Scoville, Patti At Lee, Adele Maguire, Nancy Thompson, Mary Jo Robey, Elizabeth Wyble, Jenny Henry, Charlene Cumberland, Mary Lily, Mary Beth Krovisky, Anna O’Kelly, Garden Club of Annapolis, Donna Wilson, Maricarol Cloak, Ingrid Swann, Cindy Elliott, Sylvia Deck, Sue Betz, Paula Winkler, Joyce Fletcher, Robin Gill, Shahla Butler, Barbara Whited

The Arts Building will close at 3:30pm for a private party.  We apologize for the inconveneince.  Thank you!

The Arts Building will close at 2:00pm for a private party.

The Arts Building will close at 5:00pm for a private party.

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