About Artists in Action 2021: Plein Air Edition

Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center is pleased to announce a modified version of our popular program! From March 22 - May 31, 2021, Annmarie’s Main Gallery will be transformed into two socially-distant temporary artist studios, providing a serene retreat and work space for artists to create. NEW this year, The 30 acre park, patios, and pavilions will host plein air painters and outdoor artists. 


Interested in Applying?

Artists in Action provides visiting artists the opportunity to develop new artwork, network with other artists, display and sell their existing work in a gallery exhibit, and share their creative process with visitors. Through this program, artists are afforded an opportunity to work in free studio space in a beautiful setting. The sculpture park provides numerous locations for artists to work and find inspiration. Outdoor artists can select days and times that fit their schedule and adjust as weather dictates. Artists may work on any project they wish using our park as your work space. The goal of the program is to provide artists with a safe opportunity to create and sell art while sharing the creative process with the public - at a distance. Outdoor artists may move their space freely day to day, utilizing covered areas, patios, forests and paths, etc. Artists are welcome to bring a small tent or patio umbrella for shade/ weather protection.





March 22-28

Carrie Lee (Inside) - Fiber

Fanni Somogyi (Outside) – Mixed media


March 22-3

Alexandra Blake-Sanderlin (Inside) -Paper


March 29-3

Alicia Lindbom (Inside) - Printmaking

Robyn Strayer (Outside) – Mixed media


April 5-11

Ann Preston (Inside) - Watercolor

Krista Spalding (Inside) - Ceramics


April 10-18

Barb Mowery (Outside) – Acrylic and gouache paint


April 12-18

Janice Horoschak (Inside) – Wearable art

Rachael Suchomski (Inside) – Acrylic paint

Janet Werner (Outside) – Mixed media


April 16-19

Rosalie Eck + Laura Grothaus (Outside) – Acrylic, gouache, and fiber


April 19-25

Diana Manchak (Inside) - Ceramics

Pamela Callen (Inside) – Oil and acrylic paint

Elaine Davy Strong (Outside) – Acrylic, oil, pastel

Julie Allinson (Outside) - Paint

Suzanne Shelden (Outside) – Acrylic and oil paint


April 24-26

Nancy Arbuthnot (Outside) – Watercolor and pastel


April 26-30

Kelsey Joyce (Inside) – Paper, mixed media

Cathy Abramson (Inside) – Oil paint


April 26-May 2

Rachel Weaver (Outside) – Photography

Lonnie Hampton (Outside) – Acrylic paint

Meredith Morris (Outside) - Paint

Tom Semmes (Outside) – Oil paint


May 3-7

Linda Craven (Inside) – Acrylic and watercolor

Carolyn Huff (Inside) – Wood carving


May 6 & 20

Kristin Hatleberg (Outside) - Watercolor


May 10-14

Felicia Reed (Inside) - Fiber

Sharon Robinson + Julia Gaff (Inside) Fiber and mixed media


May 10-16

Suzanne Shelden (Outside) - Acrylic and oil paint

Elaine Davy Strong (Outside) - Acrylic, oil, pastel

Iris Hall-Willey (Outside) – Acrylic and oil paint


May 15-16

Eric Jackson (Outside) – Fiber­­

Bryan Jernigan (Outside)-Pastel and acrylic paint


May 17-21

Mimi Little (Inside) - Paint

Elizabeth Buck (Inside) – Mixed media


May 17-23

Joan Wiberg (Outside) – Oil paint


May 22-23

Eric Jackson (Outside) - Fiber


May 22-31

Elizabeth Buck (Outside) – Mixed Media


May 24-28

Margo Bauman (Inside) - Fiber

Melissa Langley (Inside) – Fiber and acrylic paint


May 24-31

Julia Goyco (Outside) – Acrylic, watercolor, gouache paint


May 29-31

Marco Rodrigues (Outside) - Stone




Artists In Action - Plein Air Edition:  March 8 - May 31, 2021

Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center seeks artists working in any media to submit proposals to set up a working studio space in the Main Gallery for 1-2 week periods. These studios will be set up much like a “booth,” utilizing the artist’s own supplies and equipment.  Artists are expected to be present in their studio booth during the majority of their scheduled 1-2 week period.  Artists are encouraged to exhibit and sell artwork in the gallery show.  

This call is open to all media. Through this program, artists are afforded an opportunity to work in free studio space in a beautiful setting. This is a perfect occasion for a serene retreat to immerse yourself in your artwork and to network with other artists. 


The Artist in Action Studio Space

The primary goal of the AIA program is to create time and sapce for artists to focus on their work. Over the years, we have learned that a break from your normal studio environmnet can refocus creativity and inspiration. Coupled with interactions that happen with other artists during your stay, and the AIA program can result in new ideas, unexpected collaborations, and the exploration of new materials and processes.  

Artists will set up their temporary studio space either in the beautiful museum-grade Main Gallery of Annmarie’s award-winning Murray Arts Building, or among the stunning 30 acre sculpture park. The Main Gallery features an abundance of natural light, high ceilings, tile floors, and internet access.  Each studio space is approximately 12’ x 12’. Outdoors, artists are encouraged to set up in various locations from day to day, a true plein air experience!


Sale of Work

Artists are encouraged to submit and sell artwork to the Artists in Action gallery exhibit. If you are interested in exhibiting work, please indicate this on your application. Once approved, you will be sent a required loan/consignment form for your work. All sales will run through the Annmarie Gift Shop, where the appropriate sales tax will be collected.  Annmarie will retain a certain percentage commision of each sale pertaining to the type of exhibit. Commision rates will be given in detail on the loan/consigment form. 


Overnight Accommodations

Unfortunately, overnight accomodations will not be available this year. 



All media types are welcome. The exhibition is open to all artists age 18 and older who are living and working in the United States. Proposals must include an artist’s statement & resume, a sketch and written description of the proposed studio setup, a brief description of your activity/project for guests, a short description of your artistic process, and a portfolio of at least 6 images of your most recent work. All art equipment that will be used during the living gallery must be supplied bythe artist and approved by the Curator of Exhibitions. Annmarie will provide up to five - 8’ tables for your studio setup.


  • Please note:  artists may be asked to refrain from using certain paints when school groups are touring the gallery.  Outdoor work space can be arranged for artists that utilize paints and other supplies and materials with strong fumes. 


About Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center

An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center is a thirty-acre park located in scenic Solomons, Maryland, on the Chesapeake Bay.  The sculpture park features a walking path which meanders through the forest, past permanent and loaned sculpture, including over thirty-five works on loan from the Smithsonian Institution’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and the National Gallery of Art.  The Garden also produces a wide variety of special events, classes and workshops, gallery shows, and engaging public art programs.  The new Studio School offers creative classes taught by a talented faculty.  The award-winning  Arts building, is a 15000 sq ft museum-grade exhibition space that includes two large galleries, a gift shop, the artLAB, and a sunny patio that offers lovely views of the outdoor sculpture.


About Solomons, Maryland

Annmarie is located in Solomons, a lovely waterfront town situated where the Patuxent River meets the Chesapeake Bay.  Just over an hour drive from the Washington DC-Baltimore metro area, Solomons is a popular destination for tourists, boaters, and regional residents.  With spectacular views, interesting shops, a terrific marine museum, and wonderful restaurants, Solomons is a delightful place to spend a day or weekend.  The distinctive setting and engaging array of programs and exhibits makes Annmarie Garden an important element of any visit to Solomons and southern Maryland.


Gallery Specs

4200 sq. ft. exhibition space; electrical outlets in each studio: internet access; centralized 24-hour temperature and humidity controls; building-wide security


On-going Selection Process

Each Proposal/entry will be reviewed and notification of acceptance will be made within 10 business days of receiving the application.  Final deadline for all applications is February 24, 2021. 


Artist’s Studio Set-up/ De-installation

Annmarie reserves the right to reject any work or studio workspace that significantly differs from the entry images/proposals.  Artists are expected to work for the duration of their studio time and to be here for at least one weekend.  Artists are required to install/de-install on the dates approved by the Curator of Programs.  Due to the nature of this exhibit, artists are required to set-up and install their own workspace and artwork.  Artists must provide all of their own studio and display equipment.  All work and equipment must be removed by the date mutually agreed upon by the artist and the Curator of Programs.


Questions?  t. 410-326-4640 or art@annmariegarden.org 

This organization is supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council (msac.org).    



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