The following guidelines apply to daily, non-event day, visits to our 30 acre park.  Please check our calendar for special events and programs; additional ticket and social-distancing guidelines may apply on special days.


*If you, or anyone in your family has a fever, feels sick, or has recently travelled, please stay home and quarantine until you are certain that you and your loved ones are okay;


*If anyone in your family has a compromised immune system, we strongly suggest that they stay home; 


*We reserve the right to check the temperature of anyone entering Annmarie Garden;

*if you or anyone in your group has a compromised immune system, we strongly suggest they do not enter the Fairy Lolly; because of the nature of this play space, disinfecting of surfaces is not possible;


*All guests, over the age of 5 are required to bring a mask; guests without masks will not be admitted to the property; masks are not required while enjoying outdoor activities as long as you keep your distance from other family groups;

*Masks must be worn when visiting the Arts Building and when visiting an outdoor activity area/station, a sales vendor, or food booth;


*Each family group must remain together and cannot mix with other groups;


*Each family group must maintain at least 10’ distance from other groups, at all times;


*The outdoor bathroom at the Studio School is open.  Bathrooms in the Arts Building are closed;

rinking fountains have been turned off; please bring water!

*during COVID, our snack and coffee area is closed; feel free to bring food and refreshments;


*There is very limited outdoor seating, feel free to bring your own chairs or blankets;


*Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the park, please make use of them!


If you have any questions, or suggestions, please email  The safety of our staff and fairy guests is our top priority!  Let's stay safe and have fun!  Thank you!





Helpful links to keep you up-to-date on current and critical information.


Calvert County COVID-19 Resource Center


St. Mary’s County COVID-19 Information


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention


Maryland Department of Health


Maryland State Info - The Governor's Office


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