Artsfest '19 will feature a wonderful variety of activities for all ages . . .

Discovery Tent - Near the Main Stage, in the grassy meadow

The Discovery Tent, located in the grassy meadow near the Main Stage and the Zany Zone, features artsy activities appropriate for all ages.  Visit the Discovery Tent where you will find many wonderful and creative activities.

Zany Zone - Near the Discovery Tent, in the grassy meadow

The Zany Zone is a great place for kids to run around and have fun! Giant beach balls, hula hoops, and other fun toys will keep the kids occupied while adults enjoy music, food and drink.

The Studio School & The Clay Studio - Located near the Main Admissions Gate

Stop in and tour the classrooms and studios of the Annmarie Studio School and Clay Studio buildings. Try your hand at a variety of art media, and learn about the many creative classes you can take at Annmarie.  Paint at easels, play in clay and more.  Enjoy your tour of our beautiful studio and classroom spaces – and don’t forget to pick up a schedule of fall Annmarie art classes for adults and children!                 

Patio Play Area located on the Hungerford Patio

Bring your little ones to Patio Play Area, located just out the back doors of the Murray Arts Building, for some blow-up bowling pin fun, sidewalk chalk time, and more!


Fairy Lolly - Located near the start of the Wooded Path

A most magical place for kids to frolic and let their imaginations soar in our natural play space!  Children can play in giant teepees, a mini castle, log cabin, a house and an acting stage. A perfect place for creative play! Children often spend most of their time in the Lolly when they visit. This was rated as the second best playground in Maryland.

The Creekside Overlook - Located along the Wooded Path

Come enjoy live music on our new waterside patio, adjacent to the Overlook.  Explore the waterfront area and enjoy a variety of performers!











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