IMPORTANT EVENT INFORMATION updated December 14, 2020    


  • There is some unpredictable weather moving in this week (Dec 14-16) with quite a bit of rain in the forecast.  Our light show is a rain or shine event, but we will keep a close eye on the weather and make adjustments as needed.  We will email ticket holders with updates and will post here. 
  • The Parking Field is saturated from the rain and sections are muddy and rutted.  We have taped these areas off and are using alternate sections of the field that are not as well lit.  Please use caution when parking and walking into the light show.  A flashlight on your phone will help!
  • The Solomons Town Center Park is open for satellite parking, if you don't mind a bit of a walk!  Please due the Dowell Road sidewalk.
  • Our regular handicap parking area in the field is also muddy and we have been forced to shift handicap parking.  Drivers with handicapped guests are STRONGLY encouraged to use the DROP OFF location.  Look for signs as you enter the field or ask one of the Parking Field attendants for assistance. 
  • We have a handful of parking spaces on our small asphalt pad that allow for wheel chair access, but these will likely fill up quickly on some evenings.  
  • If you have any questions, please call 410-326-4640.  ***And please read ALL the safety info provided below.  Thank you!



  • ON NIGHTS THAT THE LIGHT SHOW IS OPEN, Annmarie will close from 3-4pm to transition from daily visiting configuration to light show configuration. All guests and cars MUST exit the property by 3:00pm.  If you are a ticket holder for the evening's light show, you can move your car to the Parking Field and re-enter through the Admissions Booth starting at 4:00pm.


  • EVENT HOURS – the light show runs 5-9pm on select evenings.  The Parking Field will open at 4:00pm and the Admissions Booth will open at 4pm. Guests who want to shop, can enter at 4:00pm. The Admissions Booth closes at 8:30pm.


  • THIS IS A MASK ON EVENT – all guests over the age of two (2) MUST wear a mask at all times while attending this event, unless you are seated in one of the three Dining Area and are eating.  No exceptions.  All questions regarding our MASK ON policy should be directed to info@annmariegarden.orgTo inquire about an accommodation to our MASK ON policy, please call 410-326-4640 or email   


  • RAIN, SHINE, or SNOW – unless there is a Calvert County weather emergency, the light show will go on!  Please be aware that in the event of extreme rain, section of the show may not be lit.
  • NO SMOKING, NO VAPING – no exceptions!
  • SERVICE ANIMALS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME at Annmarie; pets and therapy animals are NOT allowed at this event (except on PET NIGHT on January 1).  We follow ADA guidelines regading the definition of a service animal.  
  • OUTSIDE FOOD & DRINK ARE NOT ALLOWED - due to COVID-19 safety protocols, guests may not bring in outside food or drink. Food and drink can be purchased at the Hardesty Haven Cafe and must be consumed (while seated) in one of the three Dining Areas. 

    LIGHT SHOW SAFETY & RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK – our spectacular show is powered by electricity. We think about the safey of our guests, staff, and volunteers in everything we do, so . . .  PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE LIGHTS, displays, or cords!  Please keep an eye on the little ones in your group.  STAY ON THE DESIGNATED PATH.  Do not go under or over the light swoops or flagging.  DO NOT TOUCH OR SHAKE THE LIGHTS SWOOPS.  If you see something broken or if you see someone touching a display, please report it immediately to a staff member.  Guests who touch or disturb displays will be asked to leave the light show and will not receive a refund.


  • STAY ON THE LIGHTED PATH – stay on the lighted path.  There is a risk of electric shock if you venture off the lighted path or if you touch the displays, cords, light strings, etc.  Guests who disobey our safety guidelines will be evicted from the show and will not receive a refund.  Please keep a close eye on kids and other members of your group to keep them safe.   



  • TIMED ENTRY TICKETS – due to COVID and the need to control crowd size and spacing, guests are strongly encouraged to purchase their timed-entry tickets in advance.  Some nights and some entry time slots WILL SELL OUT.  Some tickets may be available at the gate, but we cannot guarantee that your desired entry window will be available.  PLEASE plan ahead and reserve your tickets/entry window in advance.

  • EVERY GUEST, EVEN BABIES, MUST HAVE A TICKET - every individual in your ticketing/family group (even the free babies) must have a ticket, and must be present when you enter.


  • MEMBERS – RESERVE YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE- members MUST reserve tickets in advance; if you are reserving tickets for NON-MEMBERS, you must pay non-member admission fee for each non-member. Members can visit the light show as many evenings as they wish!


  • DON’T LINE UP EARLY - do not line up early at the admission gate; you will not be allowed to line up or enter until your entry window begins; stay in your car until your time.


  • STAY AS LONG AS YOU LIKE (event ends at 9pm) – busy nights will have multiple entry-windows, but once you are in, you can stay as long as you like (event ends at 9pm); timed entry tickets will allow us to control crowd size and ensure social-distancing.


  • NO REFUNDS, NO TRANSFERS - sorry, there are no refunds; tickets are non-transferable; no resale allowed. 



  • GARDEN IN LIGHTS IS AN OUTDOOR EVENT – for those who have never visited, this is a walk-through light show.  Dress for the weather and come prepared to walk A LOT!  Guests will park in the grass Parking Field and check-in at the outdoor Admission Gate.  Masks are required for all guests over the age of 2. 


  • WE’VE MOVED ADMISSIONS, FOOD SERVICE, and SEATING OUTSIDE!  – in light of COVID, we have moved many parts of the light show outside, including admissions!  No need to enter a building to check in!  Purchase your tickets online and admission will be a breeze!

    HARDESTY HAVEN CAFE - guests may purchase food and drink at the outdoor cafe.  All food and drink must be consumed while seated in one of the three Dining Areas. Guests must be seated while eating.  Guest cannot consume food or drink while walking the path.  




  • ALL PARKING FOR THIS EVENT IS FESTIVAL PARKING, meaning all cars will park in our grassy field.  Please be advised that the field is dimly lit and can get muddy and wet.  We will do the best we can to close off muddy locations. There are staff members stationed in the Field, they are there to help you!
  • HANDICAP PARKING & THE DROP OFF AREA- here is a section in the grass Parking Field, adjacent to the paved entrance, that is desingated for Handicap Parking.  Because all parking is in the grass, we strongly recommend that drivers make use of the DROP OFF area before going to the Handicap Parking Area. 
  • GRASS PARKING FIELD IS UNEVEN & DIMLY LIT- The Parking Field is dimly lit, and grass is uneven.  Please use caution; we cannot responsible for any accidents, theft, etc.; PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  • SATELLITE PARKING IS AVAILABLE IN THE TOWN CENTER PARK - if you don't mind the walk, the paved parking area in the Solomons Town Center Park is open.  We suggest drivers pull into our Parking Field, drop off passengers at the DROP OFF location, and then exit out of the Parking Field into the Solomons Town Center Park.  You can park your car there and walk back to the light show.  We suggest that you use the Dowell Road sidewalk to walk between the parks.    


  • HANDICAP GUESTS & THE LIGHT SHOW TRAIL – the light show itself is handicap accessible, but the parking field, sidewalks and trails are dimly lit and uneven in some places.  Guests with vision or mobility issues should take extreme caution and may want to consider taking advantage of a golf cart tour on Special Needs Night on December 8.  We cannot be responsible for any accidents, enter this light show at your own risk.  



  • ARTS BUILDING IS OPEN FOR SHOPPING – in light of COVID, most of the event activities have been moved outside.  The Arts Building will be open for shopping, including the Annmarie Gift Shop, The Ornament Show & Sale, and the Small Works Show & Sale.  Please note that the building capacity is 50 guests at a time.  There is no seating.  Food & drink are not allowed in the building.  Restrooms and drinking fountains in the building are closed.



     OUTSIDE FOOD & DRINK ARE NOT ALLOWED - due to COVID-19 safety protocols, guests cannot bring in outside food or         drink. Food and drink can be purchased at the Hardesty Haven Cafe and must be consumed in one of the three Dining Areas.


  • HARDESTY HAVEN HOLIDAY CAFÉ – the café will operate every evening of the light show.  Each family should send one person to the cafe to place the order.  Guests must take all food and drink to one of the outdoor Dining Areas; guests must be seated to eat or drink.  Food and drink cannot be consumed while walking the path.    


  • RESTROOMS - the outdoor restrooms at the Studio School are OPEN.  There are port-a-potties located at the Tonger Circle.  The restrooms in the Arts Building are closed.


  • DRINKING FOUNTAINS have been turned off, please bring water or be ready to purchase water from Hardesty Haven Holiday Café.


  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited at the event.     



  • All guests over the age of 2 are required to WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES, except when seated and eating; guests without masks will not be admitted to event;
  • Masks MUST be worn at all times, including while in admission and while enjoying event activities;
  • Masks are required to enter the Arts Building; please note that the restrooms in the Arts Building are closed;
  • Port-a-potties will be available;
  • Each family groups must remain together and cannot mix with other groups;
  • Each family group must maintain at least 6’ distance from other groups while in the admission line;
  • Each family group must maintain at least 6' distance from other groups while enjoying activities;
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the park, please make use of them!


  • If you, or anyone in your family has a fever, feels sick, or has recently traveled, stay home and quarantine until you are certain you are not sick; 
  • If anyone in your family has a compromised immune system, we strongly recommend they do not attend this event; 
  • If you or anyone in your group has a compromised immune system, we recommend they do not enter the Fairy Lolly; because of the nature of this play space, disinfecting of surfaces is not possible;

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